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Tutorials | Inails


How to apply I Nails Express® Acrylic Nails

The unique I.Nails Express® tip design has a graduated thickness, thin where they attach to the cuticle but gradually thickening so that the tip is workable and can be cut and shaped. Effectively the same result as traditional tip and acrylic application.

The I.Nails Express® tips are attached with our unique I.Nails Express® liquid acrylic, not glue, and only cured with our unique I.Nails Express ®LED beam projector, with its single nail beam, bonding the tip and liquid acrylic to the nail bed exactly the same as powder.

I.Nails Express® tips are available in an ever expanding range of designs and colours. We have two length options, long and short, both covering the entire range, each come in 12 sizes so that you can get the perfect fit every time. Of course, all of these are workable and can be trimmed and shaped to suit your clients exact needs.

I.Nails Express® tips have no need of infill, they can be removed easily with our I.Nails Express® nail wraps and a new set fitted in less time than traditional infill’s, and for less cost, benefitting both customer and salon.

I.Nails Express® tips are fully compatible with all the products in our range. Our specially formulated I.Nails Express® gel topcoat is recommended for use on these tips as is our I.Nails Express® gel polish.

How to apply I Nails Express ® Gel Colour

Our ever expanding, comprehensive range of I.Nails Express® gel polish is exclusively formulated to be at once compatible with our I.Nails Express® tips and natural nails. It is applied like a normal polish but is more durable and longer lasting than many other products on the market. Two coats of I.Nails Express® gel polish is easily enough for a perfect finish. Highly scratch and chip resistant there will be no need of maintenance for at least two weeks.

How to take off I Nails Express® Acrylic Nails