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some good tips for new team I.Nails | Inails

some good tips for new team I.Nails

Dear Team I Nails, Our next UK show on the Stand N2, Beauty UK Birmingham,19th -20th May 2019,welcome to see us live!
Dear Team I Nails, We do have extra long size tips in Bags now, please order, thanks

some good tips for new team I.Nails

Hi Team I Nails, we have few new team members enquiry about the I.Nails please read the following troubleshooting :

Please note I Nail system is unique , I.Nails Liquid Acrylic and I.Nails Acrylic Primer are special designed for I.Nails system only , other false tips on the market won’t compatible with neither of them. I.Nails Beam Projector is designed for curing the I.Nails liquid Acrylic and Acrylic primer, it won’t cure the gel polish.
Please follow the online demo from our website or YouTube for detailed instructions, and please pay attention to the following highlight point to achieve the best result.
1. Do not use any acetone or alcohol clean the nail bed after the dry manicure/ before use I.Nails Acrylic primer, just use a nail brush put the dust off. If any moisture left on nail bed, the liquid acrylic won’t cure properly.
2. Curing time is 30 seconds per nail , but due to the curving nail surface, longer curing time always make sure overall maximum strength.
3. To take off the I.Nails, just buff off the gel topcoat, and put the whole nail into acetone based nail removers for at least 10 minutes, the false nail will became very easy to file off.
4. the latest Beam Project model is MKIII plus, which have 30 seconds mandatory timer, and it also can be always turn on by touch the metal ring for 3 seconds.
If you have any questions please Email to info@inailsexpress.com for further assistant.